Ozy Shyne (France/Haiti/UK)

Oswald (aka Ozy Shyne), of Haitian origin, created Deuce in 1996 and has been the choreographer since then.

For several years Oswald has trained many talented dancers in hip-hop and worked with some of the biggest artist all over the world through his different experiences as a professional dancer.

Since arriving in London in 2008, Ozy has taken the London scene by storm. A trained contemporary dancer and former World Hip-Hop Dance Champion, he really gives a new dimension to his salsa classes.

In 2001, he was crowned World Champion in Street Dance. Since then, he is acclaimed by the Hip Hop scene all over the world: he danced in several musicals and French
television broadcasts like "Gone With the Wind", "The 10 Commandments", "Star Academy", but also alongside the greatest like Eminem, Destiny's Child, Jay Z, and many others in music videos and on stage…

In 2002, he fulfilled his childhood dream of starring in a movie, directed by Blanca Li "Le Defi", enabling him to express his talents as a dancer and an actor. Following this experience, he was contacted by Marc Jolivet and offered the main role in a French TV movie "Concours de dance a Piriac”.

He discovered salsa the same year and felt a real connection and passion for this dance. Today, Ozy is one of the rising stars of salsa and he still continues his hip-hop career doing workshops and being invited to many different projects around the world.

With Deuce, the salsa scene discovers a musical and artistic diversity marked by an urban style. Indeed, since 2005 Ozy’s choreographies reflect the variety of dances learned during his career: hip hop, jazz, contemporary, African, Zouk, dance-hall, mambo and on1 and on2, cha chacha etc creating shows and pieces of art like The Crash, Heaven, El Pintor, Yelele and Darkness - and Negro soy performed at various European congresses. Ozy is currently performing his new solo “Sometimes” which expresses his unique, promising and creative style.


Since 2011,Ozy has been based in Croatia, successfully building the Kizomba scene and working on his world wide dance project while travelling the world and teaching, performing and DJing at congresses, festivals, dance schools and universities. Apart from Croatia Ozy is building the Kizomba scene in other countries, some exposed to Kizomba the first time, like Cyprus and Vienna, while continuously expanding his own knowledge.

Currently in 2012, Ozy is organising and working with more than 40 of the best artists and DJs from around the world to present one of the biggest festivals in Zagreb, the “Sabor festival”.